The groups will demand from the Board in Parliament measures in relation to IDEA endorsements and to recover funds

Image result for andalusian parliamentThe five parliamentary groups, PSOE-A, PP-A, Podemos, Ciudadanos and IULV-CA, will defend in the Andalusian Parliament various proposals to urge the Board to adopt certain measures in relation to the policy of endorsements of the Innovation Agency and Development of Andalusia (IDEA) and to recover funds.

The groups have submitted several resolution proposals referred to IDEA to the annual audit report of the Accounts Chamber regarding the general account of the Board for the year 2016.

The PSOE-A proposes to continue with the technical analysis procedures carried out by the IDEA agency for the granting of guarantees, focusing on the business analysis of the viability and suitability of the projects that result in a decrease in the executions of guarantee for failures . He points out that the IDEA claim procedures must be rethought before the companies whose credit operations became unpaid.

For its part, the PP-A asks that Parliament censure the “failure” of the policy of guarantees to companies carried out by the Board, given the high rate of foreclosure executions “for failures” and the “additional loss of funds public “in 2016 worth 1.7 million euros. Requests that the Board be urged to put into operation a review of the technical analysis procedures carried out for the granting of these guarantees, so as to have a more stringent impact on the business analysis of the viability and suitability of the projects and this results in a decrease in foreclosure executions due to bankruptcies, especially at Agencia Idea.

The Popular Group also proposes that the Chamber considers “seriously damaging to the Andalusians that only the sum of 610,000 euros of guarantees have been obtained in the year, accumulating more than 118.79 million euros for guarantees executed pending collection (1, 7 million more than at the end of 2015), and that the Executive is urged to increase the level of collection in relation to the amounts served by foreclosures by staking out the claim procedures before companies whose credit operations became unpaid , executing whatever rights are inherent to Administration or Agency, compensating payments to be made with the company or making use of excussion benefits.

Another demand to the Board is that it establishes the appropriate regulatory measures and improves the procedures regarding the recovery of amounts derived from the bankruptcy losses, with the purpose of recovering said public resources.

As for the joint proposals of Podemos and IULV-CA, it is proposed to urge the Board to proceed to withhold payments of obligations recognized in favor of third parties that have been beneficiaries of guarantees extended by the IDEA Agency or another entity dependent on the Board, in the event that said guarantees have been executed.

They also propose to urge the Executive to order the immediate reimbursement to the General Treasury of the funds recovered by IDEA from executed guarantees, and to improve the claim procedures of said agency before the companies whose credit operations became unpaid by executing as many rights they are inherent, such as the materialization of the guarantees offered by the companies to cover the risk of the guaranteed operation, which according to the regulations should be sufficient to cover the risk assumed by the agency.

Lastly, the Citizens’ Group proposes “to implement the regulatory measures and improvements to pertinent procedures in the matter of recovery of amounts derived from the losses of guarantees, in the different bodies involved and particularly in the IDEA Agency”.