Author: Richard King

Early repayment of a loan and mortgage waiver

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The premature repayment of a mortgage entails costs: the penalties provided in the loan contract , but also the processing fees and the costs of the release of the mortgage, if the bank has guaranteed the credit through this loan . However, certain situations can make this financial transaction advantageous if one calculates the true […]

We deposit € 600 with ASNEF!

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If you are looking for a good microcredit company, it is important that you know Cashper . It is a minipréstamos company with very good reviews and that provides an excellent service. Today, we analyze it in depth. Cashper’s mini-loan Cashper offers loans between € 50 and € 500 with a maximum return period of […]

Mini urgent loans online for incidentals

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Solving an unforeseen situation quickly is now easier thanks to the mini urgent credits. Therefore, if you need money urgently to face some economic mishap, in our comparator you can hire the best urgent loans online in the current market- home. The 3 keys to get urgent mini-loans online In recent years, a large number of […]

The groups will demand from the Board in Parliament measures in relation to IDEA endorsements and to recover funds

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The five parliamentary groups, PSOE-A, PP-A, Podemos, Ciudadanos and IULV-CA, will defend in the Andalusian Parliament various proposals to urge the Board to adopt certain measures in relation to the policy of endorsements of the Innovation Agency and Development of Andalusia (IDEA) and to recover funds. The groups have submitted several resolution proposals referred to […]

Restlessness in the autonomies for the break in financing reform

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  The autonomies have expressed on Wednesday their concern about the announcement of the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez , not to reform the funding model due to lack of time and have reminded, also the Socialists, that the change of model is a legal requirement and is urgent approach it . The announcement […]