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If you are looking for a good microcredit company, it is important that you know Cashper . It is a minipréstamos company with very good reviews and that provides an excellent service. Today, we analyze it in depth.

Cashper’s mini-loan


Cashper offers loans between € 50 and € 500 with a maximum return period of 30 days. However, if this is the first time you are granted a loan, the maximum amount you can request is € 200.

Logically, due to the characteristics of this microloan, this type of financing is useful for some specific need, not as a form of financing that continues over time (something that is common to all microcredits, go).

The APR that is applied to these microloans is 2969%. That said, it may seem very high, but, in reality, it is the result of applying the calculation to a loan that is returned at the end of the month.

It is much more logical to see it in the following way: If you lend € 200 to 30 days, you will have to return € 265. It is true that it is a somewhat high interest rate, but it is also true that they give many possibilities to people with a risk profile of very high default.

If you think that your risk profile as a debtor does not deserve such a high interest rate, you can go to one of the companies mentioned in the last section of this analysis, because it is true that there are some companies that offer more competitive interests.

On the other hand, it must be mentioned that Cashper’s microloans allow payments to be extended, although this has a cost. Depending on whether we have repaid part of the loan and the term in which we want to extend the refund, we will charge more or less the total to be returned.

Frankly, it is convenient not to extend the credits, because the amounts are quite high. For example, if you have to extend your loan of € 100 for 15 days, you will have to pay € 20 (20% extra); if you extend it for 21 days, you will have to pay € 26 (26% extra); If you extend it for 30 days, you will have to pay € 33 (33% extra).

As you can see, it is better to pay the microloan as soon as possible.

But, as we have been saying, if there is anything that characterizes Cashper’s loans, they offer microloans to people who have a very high risk profile as debtors.

That is why you can apply for a loan even if you do not have a salary. Of course, having her help you get credit more quickly, but it is not essential. What is essential is to prove a minimum recurring income.

That is, even if you do not have a salary, if you have a pension or an unemployment benefit, or something similar, you can access the Cashper loan.

In the same way, if you are in ASNEF, you will not have problems to get your loan with Cashper. Logically, it is something that will be valued when you are deciding whether or not to grant the loan. But, in general, they have no problems with that .

If the level of reliability we offer is sufficient, Cashper does not care that we have appeared in ASNEF. And it is not the same to be in ASNEF for being a professional scammer, than to have a long forgotten receipt.

Another important point that must be highlighted is that it does not allow cancellation of credits in advance. Therefore, we can not reduce the fee to pay or remove the debt from above before time. What you agree with Cashper, is what must be fulfilled . And period.

To finish this first section, it is important to note that Cashper has a simulator on its website where you can calculate the costs that the loan will have (although not the costs associated with the extensions that you are going to carry out).

And, of course, the method of receiving the money will be through a transfer to a bank account, both when sending money to you, and at the time you send it to them. The banks they work with are Bankia, Banco Santander, Banco Sabadell and Caixa Catalunya.

Requirements to request it

To apply for the microloan, it is essential to meet the following requirements :

  1. You have to be between 21 and 80 years old for Cashper to lend you money.
  2. It is not necessary to have a payroll (although it helps).
  3. Neither is it necessary to have any type of endorsement.
  4. It is not essential not to be in ASNEF to be granted the loan.
  5. You have to be a natural person, no loans are granted to companies or self-employed people.
  6. It is not essential to have a job and be active. You can be granted the loan while unemployed or being a pensioner.
  7. Have creditable recurring income.

As you can see, they are very favorable and easy to comply with, so you should not have any problem in this regard.

Procedure to request your microloan with Cashper

The procedure to apply for your microcredit with Cashper is very simple. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Access to the web : The first thing you have to do is go to the Cashper website, since the mini loan will be processed directly through your website. You can do it through this link (affiliate link to cashper) .
  2. Use your simulator : Once you have accessed, you have to use the simulator to indicate how much money you want to receive and in what period you are interested in returning it. Automatically, the money that you will have to pay back at the end of the term will be calculated, so that you do not have any doubt about it.
  3. Fill in the form : After the above, you will have to fill out the form with your data, so that they have the basic contact information and your financial situation and can offer you, definitely, the loan.
  4. Review by Cashper : After the delivery of the information, it will be time for Cashper to review your situation. At this point, Cashper will finish assessing if you are a person worthy of credit or not, and will decide if the microloan is sent to you.
  5. Acceptance and sending of money : In the case that they accept you, they will send you the money in a record time and you will have it available in your bank account so that you can use it whenever and wherever you need it.
  6. Detailed billing : Finally, when everything is ready and you have sent your money, they will send you a detailed invoice with information on how much you will have to pay back and in what time frame.

It should be mentioned that Cashper also offers the possibility of contacting by telephone and contracting the microcredit in that way. In this way, those people who have more difficulties to follow online methods.

Cashper customer reviews

Cashper’s opinions, in general, focus on a rather negative critique, and a very positive critique.

As you can imagine, the negative criticism is that the interest rate applied to these loans is quite high, even if we compare it with other microloans (which already have high interest rates).

It is clear that, when accessing a microloan of this type, the interests to be expected are high. But in Cashper they are too much. That is why, unless your profile as a debtor is very doubtful, it is best to opt for another microcredit company.

This is what most customers of this company think. But, being fair, there is also a large number of customers who have commented that Cashper has been the only entity that has offered them loans when no one else offered them.

And, in a world where everyone wants to be sure they’re going to return their money, Cashper is quite risk-averse and offers loans where others never would. This means that, if you are in that situation, Cashper is a great option.

Logically, this ends up influencing the interest rate that applies to everyone (that’s why it’s so high), but it’s the strategy they have decided to follow in Cashper and we respect it.

But, as we say, if you have a profile as a solvent debtor, our personal recommendation is that you go to one of the other options that we recommend below .

Other mini-credit companies that may interest you ...

Mini urgent loans online for incidentals

Solving an unforeseen situation quickly is now easier thanks to the mini urgent credits. Therefore, if you need money urgently to face some economic mishap, in our comparator you can hire the best urgent loans online in the current market- home.

The 3 keys to get urgent mini-loans online

The 3 keys to get urgent mini-loans online

In recent years, a large number of companies specialized in the concession of mini urgent loans online have emerged, products that offer low amounts and are reimbursed in a maximum of 30 days. The speed of transfers is one of the main advantages of these loans, but sometimes the client can take up to two business days to receive the money.

Therefore, before asking for a quick mini loan through the Internet, it is advisable to take into account the following aspects:

  1. The lender’s working hours: if we ask for mini-credits at a time when the company does not operate, we may not receive the transfer of the capital until the next business day.
  2. The documentation: it is important that we correctly send all the documents that they ask us to verify our solvency. These should be updated and be perfectly legible, otherwise, the request could be denied and we would have to request the urgent mini-credit online from another company or start the contracting process all over again.
  3. The banks with which the company works: if the lender works with the bank in which we have the account, we will receive the money in less than 10 or 15 minutes. If not, the mini-loan can take up to 48 hours to transfer.

How to know with which banking entities each company works can be complicated, for that reason, from the comparator HelpMyCash we have elaborated the free guide “When will the money come from your mini credit?” in which we indicate to whom we should ask for quick mini-credits through the Internet if we want to receive the money in a matter of minutes. In addition, in this tool, we will find out what other factors depend on the speed of money transfers.

  • Why your mini credit can take between minutes and days to transfer the money
  • On what bank transfers depend
  • How long it will take the money depending on your bank
  • How to make the money from your mini credit arrive immediately

Give us your e-mail and we will send you completely free the guide prepared by the experts of HelpMyCash on all the tricks that you must know so that the money transfer of your mini credit is immediate.

Request an urgent mini-credit from any device

Request an urgent mini-credit from any device

Another of the great advantages of the mini urgent loans online is that they can be ordered and contracted through any device with a connection to the network, such as a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, among others. In fact, the pages of many lenders have a version for smartphone and some companies have even created their own applications for Android and iOS.

In addition, a few companies allow you to request your products through the sending of text messages (SMS) or through the instant messaging application WhatsApp.

On the other hand, if we are not very familiar with new technologies, most lenders will also allow us to make the request and all the processing through phone calls and mailings by conventional mail or even in the lender’s own offices.

How to get fast mini-credits safely?

Hiring a quick mini loan through the Internet involves a very safe process, but there may be the risk of falling into some scam. Therefore, before requesting financing from any company, it is always advisable to check the reliability of your website and make sure that they will not charge us more. To do so, it is advisable that we take into account the following aspects:

  • We have to distrust the lenders who charge us in advance: if we ask for an urgent mini-credit online it is precisely because we need liquidity, so no serious company will force us to pay management costs before lending us the money.
  • The URL of the company page should start with https: this is the security protocol used by entities and businesses that offer services through the Internet that involve monetary transactions.
  • In the address bar, a green padlock must appear: this element certifies that the page really belongs to the company and that the information of the same is encrypted so that no third party can access our personal and banking data.

In addition, we always have to carefully read the contract to ensure that the content of the clauses exactly matches the conditions previously agreed with the company. As a complementary measure, we can also consult in specialized forums to see what customers think about the lender we want to go to.

Contract mini online loans responsibly

Mini online urgent loans are products that, due to their conditions (low amount, very short repayment term, fast income) are designed to deal with unforeseen expenses in a timely manner. For example, they can come in handy to pay an invoice that has gone out of the budget, a fine or a small repair that we did not have.

However, these products are more expensive than the rest of the credits due to the level of risk assumed by the lender, so it is not advisable to use them on a regular basis. In addition, they have a very short repayment deadline and, generally, we must reimburse all the capital together with the interest in said fee.

In fact, if we hire mini-loans too often, we run the risk of not being able to face the payment of fees and this could cause us serious debt problems. Even, we could enter a loop of defaults that we end up going very expensive and that could aggravate our economic situation.

Flexibility services for online mini-credits

Flexibility services for online mini-credits

 Another feature for which these products have been so successful is the flexibility they establish in terms of the requirements they demand since they are much laxer than what conventional banking institutions establish. However, in addition to the requirements are very simple to comply with, most lenders put at our disposal two services that can be of great help when it comes to reimbursing the capital of the mini-credit:

  1. Early amortization: in the case that we have the money that we must return in advance, in most private equity companies will allow us to repay the mini-loan in advance and without having to pay anything for this service.
  2. Extension: on the contrary, if we do not have the money from the mini-credit on the date agreed with the lender, they will also allow us to request an extension that is usually a maximum of up to 30 more days and with which we will avoid falling into default. We must bear in mind that to take advantage of this service, it will be necessary that we notify it in advance and that, in most cases, it will have an additional cost, although it will never be higher than the consequence of a non-payment.

It is essential that we do not assume that these services are offered by all the lenders, so it is advisable that we first consult it and once we know it, let us act. In addition, in the event that we request the early amortization without cost, we can save the interest that would have been generated in the following days that the mini urgent online loan would have been in force.

The groups will demand from the Board in Parliament measures in relation to IDEA endorsements and to recover funds

Image result for andalusian parliamentThe five parliamentary groups, PSOE-A, PP-A, Podemos, Ciudadanos and IULV-CA, will defend in the Andalusian Parliament various proposals to urge the Board to adopt certain measures in relation to the policy of endorsements of the Innovation Agency and Development of Andalusia (IDEA) and to recover funds.

The groups have submitted several resolution proposals referred to IDEA to the annual audit report of the Accounts Chamber regarding the general account of the Board for the year 2016.

The PSOE-A proposes to continue with the technical analysis procedures carried out by the IDEA agency for the granting of guarantees, focusing on the business analysis of the viability and suitability of the projects that result in a decrease in the executions of guarantee for failures . He points out that the IDEA claim procedures must be rethought before the companies whose credit operations became unpaid.

For its part, the PP-A asks that Parliament censure the “failure” of the policy of guarantees to companies carried out by the Board, given the high rate of foreclosure executions “for failures” and the “additional loss of funds public “in 2016 worth 1.7 million euros. Requests that the Board be urged to put into operation a review of the technical analysis procedures carried out for the granting of these guarantees, so as to have a more stringent impact on the business analysis of the viability and suitability of the projects and this results in a decrease in foreclosure executions due to bankruptcies, especially at Agencia Idea.

The Popular Group also proposes that the Chamber considers “seriously damaging to the Andalusians that only the sum of 610,000 euros of guarantees have been obtained in the year, accumulating more than 118.79 million euros for guarantees executed pending collection (1, 7 million more than at the end of 2015), and that the Executive is urged to increase the level of collection in relation to the amounts served by foreclosures by staking out the claim procedures before companies whose credit operations became unpaid , executing whatever rights are inherent to Administration or Agency, compensating payments to be made with the company or making use of excussion benefits.

Another demand to the Board is that it establishes the appropriate regulatory measures and improves the procedures regarding the recovery of amounts derived from the bankruptcy losses, with the purpose of recovering said public resources.

As for the joint proposals of Podemos and IULV-CA, it is proposed to urge the Board to proceed to withhold payments of obligations recognized in favor of third parties that have been beneficiaries of guarantees extended by the IDEA Agency or another entity dependent on the Board, in the event that said guarantees have been executed.

They also propose to urge the Executive to order the immediate reimbursement to the General Treasury of the funds recovered by IDEA from executed guarantees, and to improve the claim procedures of said agency before the companies whose credit operations became unpaid by executing as many rights they are inherent, such as the materialization of the guarantees offered by the companies to cover the risk of the guaranteed operation, which according to the regulations should be sufficient to cover the risk assumed by the agency.

Lastly, the Citizens’ Group proposes “to implement the regulatory measures and improvements to pertinent procedures in the matter of recovery of amounts derived from the losses of guarantees, in the different bodies involved and particularly in the IDEA Agency”.

Restlessness in the autonomies for the break in financing reform


The autonomies have expressed on Wednesday their concern about the announcement of the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez , not to reform the funding model due to lack of time and have reminded, also the Socialists, that the change of model is a legal requirement and is urgent approach it .

The announcement of Sanchez, who today ratified in Congress what was said yesterday in the Senate, of not completing this legislature the reform of the system, has had a prompt response in the Junta de Andalucía, where its president, Susana Díaz , has informed that in the next meeting with Sanchez, he will defend the “mandate” of the regional parliament, which claims 4 billion more for the community because of its underfunding.

Díaz has revealed that members of his government maintain “direct contacts” with the new finance minister, María Jesús Montero, former Andalusian minister of the area, whom they consider to be perfectly aware of the poor financing of the Junta and who drafted the document approved by the Andalusian Parliament that claims 4,000 million euros.

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig , has appreciated that Sanchez wants to introduce improvements in the short term but has stressed that you can not give up changing the model “as quickly as possible” because it is “unfair”. The announcement that has caught the autonomous communities by surprise has also had an answer in the Balearic Islands and its president, the socialist Francina Armengol , has been sympathetic with Sanchez, although she has made it clear that she will not give up negotiating a new system “quickly”. .

In Castilla-La Mancha , the Socialist Minister of Public Administration, Juan Alfonso Ruiz Molina, has insisted that the reform of funding is one of the most urgent issues facing the Government, and in the case of this community “runs a lot hurry”. For the Government of Asturias and waiting for Sanchez to explain his position, the negotiations should be opened and if they are not completed “at least channel them”.

The communities governed by the PP, more critical 

The communities governed by the PP have been more forceful and from Castilla y León , the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pilar del Olmo, has assured that Sánchez “is taking the hair to the communities and the Spanish.” For Del Olmo, the President of the Government has a “fragile memory” because he is doing nothing to demand from Mariano Rajoy a proposal and now he says “that in two years there is no time”.

In the same line has been expressed the president of the PP in Extremadura , José Antonio Monago, who has said that Sanchez came to this community “to take our hair while Vara applauded.” The vice president of Extremadura, Pilar Blanco-Morales, has advocated moving forward in the points that are possible of the reform, such as that the liquidation be made to the expired year and not every two years. Blanco Morales has said that the level of Extremadura’s claim to the Government of the nation “will be the same because what we demand is justice.”

And from Galicia , the head of the Xunta and PPdeG, Alberto Núñez Feijóo , has demanded the president to clarify “exactly what is the calendar in regional financing.” Feijóo, who is closing dates to meet with Sánchez, has reported that he will address this issue in person.

The president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras , has demanded the urgent call of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF) to address this issue with “transparency” and not in “hidden” meetings that may lead to “more discrimination”.

Also the Minister of Public Administration and Finance of La Rioja , Alfonso Dominguez, has considered that there is “more than enough” time to approve the reform but has asked that it not be addressed in bilateral meetings, to guarantee “transparency”. In the same sense has been expressed the president of the Community of Madrid, Angel Garrido , who sees time “more than enough” to address the reform or, at least, “try.”

Meanwhile, Cantabria has been the only community that has seen “reasonable” that the review can not be completed and has advocated a restructuring of the debt of the communities that allows “lighten their tax burden” until a new model arrives. The Canary Islands have received the news with “some perplexity” and the Minister of Finance, Rosa Dávila, has regretted that the opportunity to review the system is wasted, something that had to be done four years ago.

Catalunya claims bilaterality

Catalunya claims bilaterality From Catalonia , the new Government has shown interest in participating in any discussion involving resources for the community, although claiming bilaterality “as a principle” to the Government of Sanchez. The Catalan Executiu, whose economic area leads Pere Aragonès , chose the last legislature to stay out of the reform and did not appoint a representative in the commission of experts who prepared the base report for the new model.

This report has been the starting point for a technical document prepared by the Treasury and sent to the communities that have made allegations and presented their own documents.

All this pending a Fiscal and Financial Policy Council that the former president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, had committed to convene at the end of May and, finally, it was postponed, without a date, for the month of June.